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How To Make The Die Casting Safely?

- Aug 07, 2017 -

The control of the die surface temperature is very important for the production of high quality die castings. In the production process, the deformation of the casting is cast out, resulting in thermal stress, mold sticking, surface depression, internal shrinkage and hot bubbles. When the mold temperature difference is large, the variables in the production cycle, such as filling time, cooling time and spraying time, have different degrees of influence.

1., cold lines: mainly melting soup at the end of the temperature is too low, overlap when there are traces

2. cracks: because contraction stress, the top or the whole edge when the force split

3. pores: pores are the source of air inclusion in the melting soup, melting, in the tube, in the mold, and parting agent

4., cavitation corrosion: because the pressure suddenly decreases, so that the gas in the soup suddenly expand, impact the mold, causing damage to the mold

5. pores: when the metal is solidified from liquid to solid, the space becomes smaller. If no metal is added, it will form shrinkage cavity. It usually occurs at the lower solidifying point

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