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Heat Treatment Process Of Aluminum Alloy Die Castings

- Aug 07, 2017 -

Heat treatment Aluminum Alloy die casting equipment for quenching after solid solution obtained after standard, control the heating rate rose to a corresponding temperature of a certain period of time and in a certain fast cooling speed, change the arrangement of the alloy.

The main purpose is to improve the mechanical function of the alloy, and to improve the condition. When the high pressure is infected, the cavity is added, the alloy temperature rises and falls, and the activity is improved, which is beneficial to the quality of the castings.

1) high melting point, useful rate greater than the pressure; 2) liquid alloy high temperature, lower die temperature, the pressure of consumption increases; 3) planning and casting pouring system, pressure resistance, with the lower 4 points); adjustable ejection force, pressure system, can improve the injection characteristics of moving castings quality;

The modification of pressure in the injection process:

1) too low shot (usually not over 0.3 meters per second), 2) high speed shot (1-5 meters per second), 3) build 0.05-0.03 seconds,

Selection of specific pressure:

1) according to the strength of the die casting, select the specific pressure, the general casting uses 480 kilograms / force / square centimeter, density casting, select 940 kilograms / force / square centimeter,

2) consider the wall thickness of the casting:

Enhance corrosion resistance, improve the processing type, to achieve standard stability. Rapid solution treatment, after the end of the constant temperature, the transfer speed of the workpiece within 10 seconds. The furnace is mainly composed of a heating furnace body, a progressive arrangement, a charging trolley, a movable quenching trough, a quenching material rack, a temperature action, a control part, etc.. The furnace body is mainly composed of a shell, a furnace lining, a heating element, a hot air circulation and diversion equipment, a material rack and a material shelf lifting arrangement, a bottom door and an air opening device, etc.. The furnace lining is made up of two parts, and a composite structure composed of super light energy-saving brick and aluminum silicate fiber board is adopted in the furnace body. The top part of the furnace is movable, and the high quality aluminium silicate needle felt is used as the heat preservation material. The structure is reasonable and has the advantages of good heat preservation function, low temperature rise of the furnace wall, energy saving and consumption reduction. The heating element selection of 0Cr25AL5 manufacturing Fe Cr alloy spiral into evenly distributed around the furnace wall west of the thread placing brick in the furnace temperature uniformity.

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