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Cast Steel Parts To Pay Attention To The Things To Be Cast

- Aug 07, 2017 -

When pouring of steel castings, alloy steel castings in particular should pay attention to in pouring matters is many, each link is very important, if there is a link error, is likely to lead to the pouring out of the finished product is not qualified.

In order to produce more qualified steel castings, we should strictly control the casting speed, the temperature of the pouring and the operation rules of the casting when we are pouring.

1, the speed of the gas pouring cavity discharge smoothly under the condition of the casting solidification requirements at the same time can be used to achieve the requirements of high speed casting, sequential solidification of castings, as far as possible with low casting speed.

2, pouring temperature: pouring temperature on the quality of cast steel parts greatly affected, it should be based on alloy type, casting structure and casting characteristics to determine a reasonable range of casting temperature.

3, pouring operation should pay attention to the following two points:

(1) pouring large and medium cast steel parts, the molten steel should be placed in the ladle for 1min to 2min, and then poured after sedation.

(2) after casting, the cast iron should be removed in time after the solidification is finished, so as to reduce the shrinkage resistance of the casting and avoid the cracks in the casting.

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